Fair Trade

foPUEBLOS DEL SUR is a trading company dedicated to fair trade, It is certified by the World Fair Trade organization WFTO. Alternative trading organizations (ATOs) like ours are created to benefit small producers who are economically underprivileged, often in the developing world. In contrast to the companies that market developing world handicrafts by paying the economically struggling artisans unfair prices for their goods, we find viable markets for their high-quality handcrafted goods that pay fair prices. This provides the workers in our artisan shops with an alternative to exploited labor, allowing them to obtain or maintain a decent standard of living. Secondarily, we attempt to promote the concept of fair trade by creating marketing initiatives that stimulate the knowledge about traditional products and cultural values in the third world while also educating the buyers to the challenges faced by our producers.

In Chile, PUEBLOS DEL SUR leads the export and marketing functions for our small artisan workshops while respecting their business and social needs. For example, we often provide partial prepayments to finance raw materials for large orders, enabling them to compete in international markets. We also commit to payment delivered promptly after the production is finished. In addition, we provide guidance as to how to best incorporate technology and increase production efficiency into the workshop operations, as well as link our artisans to other training organizations to gain additional technical assistance on a programmatic basis.

Also in keeping with the principles of Fair Trade, we work closely with our clients and partner organizations to gather valuable market information that assists our producers in designing and offering appropriate products for the various markets to which we export. This two-way flow of information is critical to the continuing success of the Fair Trade movement and successful long-term business partnerships worldwide.

Pueblos del Sur is part of the WFTO, the World Fair Trade organization , a coalition of the handicrafts and agricultural producer organizations and ATOs (both importers and exporters) around the world. We adhere to WFTO standards of fair trade and to its objectives.