About Us

PUEBLOS DEL SUR is a private organization that exports Chilean handicrafts to hundreds of wholesale and retail organizations around the world,for more than 20 years of work. Our mission is to improve the standard of living for owners and employees of Chilean handicraft workshops, by promoting and exporting various handmade products of the highest quality, while supporting these same artisans through technical and product development assistance programs. PUEBLOS DEL SUR currently exports more than 3,000 products from more than 100 workshops to nearly 6 countries. We work with several Chilean and international partners to ensure our efforts are coordinated with other support organizations and that we learn from others in the industry. Current partners include ProChile,Fundacion crafts of Chile,World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), the Chilean Platform for Fair Trade (WFTO) , and SERCOTEC a national technical services organization that supports small and medium enterprises primarily through business management training.

PUEBLOS DEL SUR strength is in the variety of products and outstanding service we provide to our clients. We offer the widest selection of Chilean handicrafts and gift ideas available, giving our buyers a one-stop shopping opportunity. We assure the highest quality and the most reliable delivery commitments possible, according to the production process for each item. Moreover, we can custom-make designs to satisfy the specific needs of our clients and their markets through our Design Center.

Please browse our site to find out more about our services, artisans and the ordering process. You can find many of our current products featured in our Online Catalog. We promise to respond promptly and provide any information we can.

Pueblos del Sur – Past and Present

In 1991 a group of professionals and young artisans created PUEBLOS DEL SUR with the purpose of making a solid contribution to the dignity of handicraft work by searching for channels of sales of its products. By partnering with Chilean and international organizations.
Since the early days, PUEBLOS DEL SUR has grown to provide providing export, marketing, technical training and design assistance to more than 100 artisans, exporting products to nearly 6 countries. PUEBLOS DEL SUR continues to broaden its reach to include additional artisans and workshops, while expanding to new markets overseas.

PUEBLOS DEL SUR is proud to operate as a self-financed and stable non-profit organization. Key to our success has been the operational efficiency that allows us to maintain low overhead and operating costs, while ensuring high quality products and services are delivered to each client. Since our founding, we have undoubtedly made an important contribution to both the artisans, our beneficiaries, and to promoting the concept of Fair Trade in Chile and in the global marketplace.

Timhghhe Mision

PUEBLOS DEL SUR mission is to improve the lives of economically struggling workshops and artisan groups throughout Chile by promoting and exporting the handicrafts they design and create, as well as working with the artists to improve their business practices and continually develop new products that stay true to their traditions.

As Buy


Pueblos del Sur Ltda. Offer more than 3.000 different products which are available through catalogs and web site.
Pueblos del Sur is located in Santiago, Chile. All price listing are US$ FOB: Santiago, Chile airport or Valparaiso/San Antonio sea port. That is, Those don’t include international transport cost. Shipping insurance could be arranged for us or the customer.


For orders smallers than US$ 3.000,00 we required a prepayment of 50% of the value of the order, by business check or international money order in U.S dollars. This prepayment will allow us begin to process the order, and will be credited toward the client´s account. The remaining sum and any shipping and exporting charges will be paid upon delivery of the products and documents.
For orders exceeding US$ 3.000,00 we solicit the opening of an irrevocable line of credit in our name. This can be modificated in depending on special agree with the customer.


Under normal conditions your products will be despatch within 30 to 60 days after we receive the confirmation of the order. The actual date of shipment will depend on quantities and types of products requested. Moreover, you choice shipping method will affect the delivery time.


Air Shipments are packaged in corrugated cardboard boxes with reingorced weighing 450 grams per square meter. For ocean shipments not using containers if require, the carton boxes can be re-packaged on a wooden pallet with reinforced carton corners and covered with plastic sheet.
The type of packaging that Pueblos del Sur uses ussures that your products will arrive in good condition. However, insurance against theft or breakage is your responsibility and can be provided at additional cost. If you would like the products packaged individually or using special packaging materials, we can quote cost according to your instructions. The additional cost will be added to the F.O.B. prices for those particular products.